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Welcome to the Move Into Truth podcast with Julia Sparkman!

Julia wholeheartedly believes that in order to live your best life, you must first move into YOUR truth. And, that is what this podcast is all about. Move Into Truth is a series of lighthearted, deep conversations, where brave women and men share their truth.

Julia hopes that by listening to this podcast, you’ll recognize yourself in these stories and move into your own truth.




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Sheri Colosimo joins Julia for Episode 32 of Move Into Truth! Since crossing paths almost a decade ago, Julia has greatly admired and respected Sheri - she has always been drawn to Sheri’s ability to show up as a powerful woman and a humble leader.

During their conversation, Sheri describes the path that led her from her corporate roles to her current work as a ‘solopreneur’ and what she has learned along the way; she shares some of the practices that keep her centered; and, she reveals how she successfully navigates motherhood and a partnership of 20+ years!

A Summary of Season Seven - Episode 32 with Sheri:

  • Julia first met Sheri in 2010 at CorePower Yoga in Chicago - in the beginning of their conversation, Julia shares that she greatly respects and admires Sheri and she tells a little bit about some of their early interactions

  • Sheri taught Julia how to look people in the eyes while speaking

  • Sheri begins with a little background on herself: she recently moved back to Denver - she is originally from Ohio… Sheri is a personal development coach, a fitness and wellness consultant, she teaches public yoga classes, and she leads workshops + trainings and women’s only movement and inspiration retreats

  • Sheri said, “... most of my work is in the fitness/wellness/yoga field, but what really is at the heart of everything I do is mentorship. I feel really lucky that my entire life I’ve been really clear about what I was supposed to do with my life - which is teach and hold space for other people to do their work and shine - and for that is the definition of mentorship....”

  • Julia shares a few experiences from when Sheri mentored/coached her about 4 years ago

  • Julia asks Sheri to describe what she was like in the beginning of her career and how the trajectory of her work has shaped who she is today and what she does now

  • Sheri’s mantra: “...the most important moment is the one right now, the most important person is the one seated in front of you…”

  • Referring to her mantra, she said, “...and I feel that’s what keeps me in this eye contact, it keeps me present and available and deliberate in my words and able to process because when I am able to be in this space, which is a lot of work, there is nothing else on my mind. I want to listen to everything that you have to say and I want to be present for it and non-reactive and not thinking about what I want to say next or do next, but really acknowledging that this is the most important moment that I have right now…”

  • Sheri shares two of her shadows - lacking self-confidence and feeling misunderstood - she talks about where they came from and how they help her better show up for others

  • Sheri explains what yoga means to her life and what led her to participate in her first Yoga Teacher Training

  • As she spoke to her shadow - lacking self confidence - Sheri said, “...knowing what your tools are that bring you back to center, because it’s really easy to spiral into that cycle if that’s the story, that’s the message that’s on the loop every single day and you can get really comfortable in that versus knowing what your tools are and for me tools are my values and my values are connection, education, and growth and if I choose to do things that bring those values to life then the confidence is there... “

  • Things Sheri thinks are supportive for people who struggle with self-confidence and worthiness: working with someone either formally or informally to support you and identify what “rising up” specifically means to you

  • Sheri refers to herself as a “solopreneur” - Julia asks Sheri to give advice to anyone who is also looking to step into the role of solopreneurship

  • Sheri shares her practice of creating “I Am” and “I Am Becoming” lists

  • Sheri is going to expand her retreat offerings in 2020: Click Here to Learn More

  • Sheri said, “ you, I’m very action oriented, you can give me something and I’m going to do it right away, you don’t have to ask me twice - but this year, especially the first part, has been more about taking some time to pause and reflect and sit with opportunities that are coming my way and the reason I am saying yes or no to them…”

  • What Sheri would want herself to know 10 years ago: “how amazing motherhood is…” and “continue to do the things that bring you joy and be on your own path…”

  • Julia asks Sheri to describe what she has learned from deliberately moving around the country

  • Julia was always very inspired by Sheri’s partnership with her husband and they way she parents - Sheri talks about how she approaches parenting and partnership

  • Sheri said, “children are our best teachers, they don’t know not to be vulnerable, they don’t know not to be confident, it’s so powerful to remember that…”

  • Sheri shares the importance of her morning practices

  • One thing Sheri wants everyone in the World to both know and live + embody: “we are not meant to do this work or live our lives alone…”

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Instagram: @SheriColosimo


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Jenna Zabrosky joins Julia for Episode 31 of Move Into Truth! Julia attributes the effortless connection she has with Jenna to their mutual Midwestern roots. Both women were raised outside Chicago and they now share a mutual love of all things mindfulness and spirituality in the San Diego area.

Jenna is a full-time yoga instructor, retreat leader, mentor, and reiki healer. Throughout their conversation, Jenna shares her journey from the physical practice of yoga to all things “woo-woo”, she dives into her shadows, and she shares what she has learned as she has grown into being a successful entrepreneur.

A Summary of Season Seven - Episode 31 with Jenna:

  • Jenna has been referenced on the podcast several times. Jenna is Nina Petruzzo’s business partner and Nina has been a guest on Move Into Truth two times

  • Jenna describes herself as a full-time yoga instructor, a retreat leader, a mentor, and a reiki level two healer. She lives in Pacific Beach and she is an ocean-lover

  • Jenna talks about having guilt and a shadow around not having trauma and how that has impacted her in the world of yoga + healing

  • Jenna said: “I’m definitely starting to realize that my strength is my light and that I think I am a safe place for people to land and share their darkness... I think I bring a light energy that makes people feel lighter... “

  • Julia shares that she found her way into the healing arts through coping with her own trauma and she asks Jenna to describe what drew her to the same practices

  • Jenna was introduced to yoga and other spiritual practices by her mother at a very early in her life… at the time, she said, “I wasn’t ready to receive it.”

  • Being a spring-board diver helped Jenna connect to the physical practice of yoga

  • Jenna said, “...what I found was that, overtime just doing the physical practice, it really did change my mindset, it calmed me down as a person.”

  • Jenna shares the journey that led her to becoming a yoga teacher

  • Julia asks Jenna to describe when her practice shifted beyond the physical asana to the other limbs of yoga and what she does off of the mat day-to-day

  • Jenna explains how her daily meditation practice has changed her life and way of being

  • Jenna shares about the importance of her kundalini practice and reiki healing

  • Julia asks Jenna what advice she would give to someone who is looking to expand their practice beyond physical yoga

  • Jenna speaks to her shadows

  • Jenna tells the story of what led her to break up with a significant other after four years of dating

  • Jenna shares what she is currently manifesting: her husband and renting a dedicated healing space

  • Jenna and Nina are creating an online program for yoga teachers to help them uplevel their teaching

  • Jenna gives advice to anyone looking to go down an entrepreneurial path

  • Jenna said, “I’m in a period of slowing down and really being deliberate about what I’m putting on my plate… intentional.”

  • Jenna and Nina are offering an all women’s retreat, Into the Wild, in Colorado from October 31 to November 3 at the Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort in Northrop, Colorado. Click here to learn more!

  • When asked what she wanted everyone in the World to not only know but live and embody, Jenna said: “you are your own can seek out knowledge from so many different sources and look for external validation or look for somebody else to fix you or to answer your questions or your problems. But, if you just sit down and tune in, you have all the answers inside of you - you don’t need anyone else to tell you the answers to the questions, you know best how to live your life. Just drop and give yourself the space to tune into that…”

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Instagram: @yoga_with_jenna



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Kirsten Incorvaia joins Julia for Episode 30 of Move Into Truth! The first time Julia and Kirsten met in person, they jumped in the ocean together at sunset!!!

Kirsten is a dynamic, creative leader that has a strength for developing community through vulnerability. During their conversation, Kirsten opens up about her personal experience moving through her divorce, the coaching programs and services she offers to women, and what it means to explore life as a seeker and as a person who is “rising from the ashes”.

A Summary of Season Seven - Episode 30 with Kirsten:

  • Kirsten describes herself as, “a person who is in the season of rising from the ashes”.

  • To describe her coaching work, Kirsten said, “ I work with women to call them into their power...there is a lot around voice and helping women claim our true voice.”

  • Julia met Kirsten through the 31 Day Ocean Dunk Challenge - a fun challenge Kirsten created to inspire herself and others to get in the ocean everyday in July

  • Julia asks Kirsten to share how she has cultivated the thriving community she is a part of…

  • Kirsten said, “...a lot of my community has come that way [speaking to the Ocean Dunk Challenge and social media], me expressing myself and just allowing myself to be revealed online…”

  • Julia and Kirsten discuss the power of vulnerability. Kirsten said, “...the bottom line is that when I’m vulnerable, then the people who are most aligned with me start showing up.”

  • Julia was drawn to Kirsten because she shared so authentically on instagram. After they met through the Ocean Dunk Challenge, Julia was incredibly inspired by how truthfully Kirsten shared about navigating her divorce on her instagram stories

  • Kirsten opens up about her divorce and how community helped her to move through her experience. She said, “a lot of times the vulnerability piece has come out of necessity… it’s almost like a matter of survival, to tether me to connection. There is a lot of things I didn’t share and I haven’t shared, that I have written down and will want to… as I think Elizabeth Gilbert says, ‘you write from the scar, not from the wound.’...there is a lot of things I want to process and go back to before I share what I went through.”

  • Kirsten describes sharing as therapeutic

  • Julia and Kirsten talk about the importance of alone time

  • Kirsten shares her favorite artistic mediums

  • On her website, Kirsten identifies herself as a seeker...Julia asks her to share what being a “seeker” means to her

  • Kirsten explains the details of her program, True Bloom

  • Julia acknowledges the importance of honoring your darkness and commends Kirsten for not only doing that work herself but creating an offering that enables her clients to reckon with their darkness so they can find their true bloom

  • When Julia asked her how she keeps her own cup full, Kirsten said, “part of being inspired is doing things every single day”

  • Kirsten shares her morning practices and what she is currently manifesting - Sunset Social, a sisterhood of person driven women coming together for the sake of making a positive change in the world,  is a project Kirsten is currently re-activating… She is hosting her next event on June 27th from 6-8PM at Skova in Encinitas! Click here to register.

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Instagram: @KirstenInc



Throughout the month of May, Julia is mixing things up a bit and using the Move Into Truth platform to create an opportunity for YOU to Move Into YOUR Truth! Every Wednesday for four weeks, Julia will release a guided visualization meditation and a set of journaling prompts.


Week One: Your Light + Your Darkness

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Week Two: Visualizing Your Highest Self

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Week Three: Rewriting Stories

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Week Four: Action and Alignment

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You can listen to the guided visualization exercises on iTunes, Sound Cloud, or Spotify!




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My Stories 2.jpg

Julia records a candid, off-the-cuff solo episode to wrap of Season 5 of The Move Into Truth Podcast! During the episode, Julia explores how she is honoring her time different these days and she also tells the story of what led her to become an overachieving “doer” after dropping out of high school at the age of 16. Julia shares the vision she has for her life after her daughter is born. And, she describes the legacy she wants to leave and the three lessons she hopes to teach Sloan!

A Summary of Season Five - Episode 25 with Julia:

  • After an unexpected podcast guest cancellation, Julia jumps on to candidly share a solo, off-of-the-cuff, episode.

  • Julia talks about the importance of protecting her calendar and her down time.

  • Julia tells the story of why she was once “such a doer” - she chronicles her life from the time she dropped out of high school at the age of 16 to what drove her to enroll in community college, undergraduate & graduate school, and her yoga teacher training program.

  • Julia explains why she was “just trying to experience as much as [she] could”... She needed to prove her value, competency, and worth to herself.

  • She also talks about the life events that transitioned her way from her over-scheduled way of doing, to a life of presence and being.

  • Julia talks about her struggles with taking on more domestic responsibilities at home.

  • Julia shares what she envisions for her life when she is ready to return to work after Sloan is born. She specifically talks about her desire to move from a space of alignment instead of a desire to feel validated or important.

  • Julia describes the unhealthy patterns she is learning to reset. Right now, she is working on the practice of down-shifting and leaning into the power of community and support.

  • Julia also reveals the legacy she wants to leave and the three things she wants to teach her daughter: innate worthiness, holistic health, and a faith in a Higher Power. She said: “When people encounter me, I want them to feel the sense of peace that comes from having a practiced faith.”

  • Julia concludes with sharing what’s to come before she takes a long pause in July: Season 6 of Move into Truth with a Twist launching May 1st; Season 7 (the final season of 2019) launching in June, and a few articles she plans to publish before she goes offline to enjoy her final months of pregnant life.

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Mandy Burstein joins Julia for Episode 24 of Move Into Truth! At the beginning of the EP, Julia refers to Mandy as a “free flowing embodiment of divinely feminine badass goddessness”. An adventurer since day one, Mandy shares the unique childhood experiences that have led her to leading 20 international yoga retreats and her trailblazing work with women in San Diego. Mandy also dives deep into her powerful mindset and her experience as a mother. This episode is perfect for anyone looking for some authentic inspiration!    

A Summary of Season Five - Episode 24 with Mandy Burstein:

  • Mandy shares her unique childhood story: she was born on the East Coast and she grew up in Puerto Rico and Southern Italy until she moved to San Diego in high school.

  • Mandy said: “I think the theme over my upbringing has definitely been adaptation, versatility, just going with the flow, and really dropping in as quickly as possible in your circumstance and diving in, not resisting...”

  • Mandy talks about how her childhood upbringing has influenced her life as an adult - it has led her to a life of traveling and creating a successful international yoga retreat business.

  • Mandy said: “...taking yoga students of mine who trust - I’ve gained their trust, they know they’re in good hands - and gently, and lovingly pushing them out of their comfort zones, to discover this courage that they didn’t know that they had and helping people  release these deep seated fears is a huge passion of mine because I think that’s what my parents gifted to me without even knowing it at the time…”

  • Mandy compares stepping out of your comfort zone as a muscle that needs strengthening.

  • Mandy shares her experience leading 20 yoga retreats and how she learned that she was pregnant with her second baby on the last retreat she led.  

  • Julia identities Mandy as a trailblazer - Mandy was one of the first women to host Women’s Circles regularly in San Diego. Mandy describes what it was like to “do something that [didn’t] exist.”

  • Mandy chronicles how she connects to the “miracle mindset”.

  • Mandy said: “...raising a little child, a little daughter has been my biggest spiritual assignment to date and it feels like an initiation… it’s meant to initiate into this next iteration of who you’re meant to be, this next embodiment of who you’re meant to be....”

  • Mandy talks about the importance of seeking childcare support and navigating life postpartum. Mandy said: “You have to keep evolving what your village looks like.”

  • Mandy seeks to create a life for her kids where they can live “untethered”.

  • Mandy shares the ways she personally finds her “zen”.

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Instagram: @ZenGirlMandy



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Olivia Morrissey joins Julia for Episode 23 of Move Into Truth! Olivia is a woman rooted in spirit - in the physical realm she is a poet, a singer of heart songs, a reclaimer of feminine energy, a reiki healer, and a yogini. Throughout their conversation, Olivia and Julia discuss Olivia’s journey to becoming the woman she is today and why she believes in the power of sisterhood. And, Olivia shares the projects she is currently working on and what keeps her aligned and inspired.

A Summary of Season Five - Episode 23 with Olivia Morrissey:

  • Olivia and Julia recorded during the Butterfly Migration in late March.

  • Olivia participated in a Yoga Teacher Training that Julia in the Fall of 2018.

  • Olivia refers to herself as a poet, a singer of heart songs, a reclaimer of feminine energy, a reiki healer, a yogini, and rooted in spirit.

  • Olivia speaks about her journey of coming becoming the woman she is today.

  • Olivia said: “If I am gifted to feel things so entirely deeply, like I know many of us are,  then I would love to, having felt the deep sensations of pain or heartache or darkness or joy that I have felt and continue to feel, be able to transfer those emotions and release them in a cathartic manner and for me that medium is words, it’s songs, too. But, I don’t look at my journey and feel like so self-sacrificing in  the long run if I am able to use those experiences to connect all of us under similar emotional experiences...”

  • Olivia talks about what enables her to share her vulnerable posts.

  • Olivia said: “I believe in sisterhood. And this rise of the feminine energy, that’s what I mean by this reclamation of feminine energy - that is first and foremost within myself. That is knowing when and how and valuing being soft. I’m team soft!”

  • Olivia explains what she means by “reclaiming the feminine energy”.

  • Julia and Olivia discuss the dance between masculine and feminine energy.

  • Olivia shares how she stays rooted in spirit: structure and groundedness, self-reiki, hot water in the AM, dancing + yoga + stretching, showing up to her shrine, blessing her money, praying, working with crystals, writing, and singing.

  • Olivia shares the story behind and her inspiration for her upcoming book “Returning to the Light”.

  • Olivia explains her connection to Hawaii and her reason for moving to Maui.

  • The projects Olivia is focused on right now: her book, Returning to the Light; sharing her gifts of reiki and yoga; working with clients to offer Guidance.

  • When speaking about her desire to work with her own personal coach, Olivia said: “Taking on new clients has given me the redirection, it’s like I want to show up in such a grand capacity for others, but I’m not in the space to be a wounded healer anymore, you know, I’ve played that role. So what does it look like to serve big for others? It looks like serving really big for yourself.”

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Instagram: @oliviamorrissey__




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IMG_0083 (1).JPG

Nina Petruzzo re-joins Julia for Episode 22 of Move Into Truth. Julia wanted to have Nina back on the podcast because Nina manifested a lot of what she shared during their first conversation and Julia wanted her to tell that story - Nina’s life has radically transformed since she was on the podcast six months ago! Nina shares the positive shifts that have happened and the practices that have led her to her dream life…She also opens up about some very personal shadows and she offers wisdom and words of advice.

A Summary of Season Four - Episode 22 with Nina Petruzzo:

  • Julia welcomes Nina BACK to The Move Into Truth Podcast!

  • Nina was Julia’s first guest on EP 02 of The Move Into Truth Podcast - Julia wanted to have Nina back on the podcast because Nina manifested a lot of what she shared during their first conversation and Julia wanted her to tell that story.

  • When Nina and Julia recorded EP 22 - Nina was on the brink of a big move from Cape Cod to Colorado Springs!

  • Julia describes her and Nina’s life as “radically dynamic”.

  • Describing the radical shift that has led Nina to where she is at right now, she said: “I always hold this deep love for myself in my heart, but it’s different to kind of tell yourself that you love yourself and kind of know it in your head, and I think in the past six months I have come down to sinking the love, truly for myself, deeply - I could like cry right now actually - it’s such a shift when you can actually can feel it and know it and embody that. And, I really came into a place of  deep acceptance and forgiveness and love. Love for my body, love for my spirit, love for my brain, love for who I am - in so many different aspects of my life…”

  • Nina shares how her car accident positively propelled her to create the changes she wanted in her life.

  • Nina said: “The Universe really is here to support us. And these speed bumps and roadblocks and things come up. But, ultimately we are being supporting - there is a supportive energy always with us.…I was not ready until I was ready, you are so supported.”

  • Nina shares the practices that have helped her drop self-love from her head to her heart. And, she offers the practices that help her tap into her intuition.

  • Nina said: “The vision has always been the same, there has been a very common thread in all of those journal writings and that’s that true intuition. When you close your eyes and just kind of shut out everything external - What is within? What are you being shown? What do you feel? And, document that - write you can remember again - man, yeah, that keeps coming up, there is a reason why I keep feeling this in my life.”

  • Julia asks Nina to tell the story of how she manifested her move to Colorado.

  • Nina describes her new coaching program, Aligned and Vibrant Living.

  • Nina shares the shadows that have come up for her in the last few months.

  • Nina offers advice to people also looking to manifest a big change in their life: start a visualization practice; once you get clear on your vision, take small steps.

  • Nina is leading a Tune Up Your Teaching Immersion in San Diego, April 12-14 with Jenna Zabrosky.

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Instagram: @Nina_Petruzzo_Yoga


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Kiersten Markham joins Julia for Episode 21 of Move Into Truth. The conversation Julia has with Kiersten is super inspiring and unique - Kiersten is a doula, pre-and perinatal educator, and a craniosacral therapist. Throughout the episode, they talk about things you don't hear every day - like how your birth experience impacts your life and the power of energetic work. Kiersten also shares her own personal experience with pregnancy and being a mother.

A Summary of Season Four - Episode 21 with Kiersten Markham:

  • Kiersten and Julia recorded their conversation at Kiersten’s office, Future Generations.

  • Kiersten has been a doula for over 7 years, she practices biodynamic craniosacral therapy, and she is a pre-and perinatal birth education. She also leads Women’s Circles in her home and offers online Conscious Conception Circles for couples.

  • Julia asks Kiersten to unpack a quote from her website. Kiersten wrote: “I believe my journey to my work began from my own birth experience and childhood.”

  • Kiersten was conceived when her mom was 44 years old. She said,“...even my own personal conception, birth, and womb time with my mother, I think really influenced me in wanting to support women, whether they were considered advanced maternal age or shown some sort of judgement around their birth, I wanted to support them and give them the opportunity to really feel empowered by their experience, rather than put down by their experience and discouraged.”

  • Kiersten said, “I think this is my soul’s calling to do this kind of work.”

  • Julia shares another powerful quote from Kiersten’s website: “I started my business with the desire to provide nonjudgemental support to women in an effort for them to feel empowered by their decisions around their bodies...I truly believe that if we want to make a positive change for our future we must start with how we conceive, connect to and birth our children.”

  • Kiersten explains why she believes that conception and birth are pivotal to creating a positive change in the future.

  • As she shared about her experience volunteering in Thailand with an NGO that worked to support victims of human trafficking, Kiersten said: “...being so overwhelmed by the magnitude of what human trafficking is and how it happens and hands on experience with that... it took me a few steps back to really look at, how do we change something as big as human trafficking? Where do we even change anything that’s negative in our world? And for me, I just had this intuitive knowing that it happens at how we conceive our children and how we birth them, how we attach with them…”

  • Julia asks Kiersten to explain what people can do if they do not have access to their birth story...

  • Kiersten shares about her own journey with conception, labor, and her fourth trimester with her son Brixton.

  • She refers to Brixton as “a little light bubble.”

  • Kiersten describes the relationship she had with her son before she conceived.

  • Kiersten referred to her labor as a “fun”. She said, “I had a blast pushing...Labor was awesome, I felt super in-tune with my body and with my son. And, I could just really feel us working together for him to come earth side.”

  • Kiersten speaks to the postpartum depression she experienced months after her son was born. She said, “For me, that was definitely a surprise and a reminder to me that I need to ask for help. And, that it’s okay to need help. And that motherhood was never meant  to be done in isolation and here in the states we are really isolated as moms. So, that experience definitely rocked my world…”

  • She also shares how she coped with her postpartum experience and offers suggestions to women looking for support on their pregnancy and postpartum journeys.

  • Kiersten reflects on what it was like to return to her work after she had her own experience giving birth.

  • Kiersten tells the story of what led her to carnioscal therapy work and she describes the components of craniosacral therapy.

  • Julia asks Kiersten to share how she navigates the intimate nature of her work. She said, “I practice what I preach.”

  • Kiersten shares some of her gifts and shadows.

  • Kiersten said, “we are all innately whole.”

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Instagram: @kiersten.markham


Listen to Episode 20 of Move Into Truth on iTunes or Spotify now!

Mary Beth LaRue.jpg

Mary Beth LaRue joins Julia for Episode 20 of Move Into Truth! Julia has been inspired by Mary Beth since she first met her in 2014. During their conversation, Mary Beth shares a bit about herself and she explores the experiences that have developed “grit” in her life over the past couple of years. EP 20 is packed with raw, authentic truth - from creative endeavors, to what it’s like to not drink, to foster parenting - enjoy the depth and spirit of their conversation!

A Summary of Season Four - Episode 20 with Mary Beth LaRue:

  • Mary Beth described herself as a yoga teacher, mentor, writer, and the co-founder of Rock Your Bliss. Originally from a small town in Iowa, she currently lives in Silverlake, CA with her husband, their son, and their English bulldog, Rosy.

  • Julia shares the story of when she initially met Mary Beth in 2014 and when MB coached her for a period of time in 2016.

  • Mary Beth tells the Rock Your Bliss story and the evolution of their brand and company over the last five years.

  • Mary Beth reflects on how she balances her own offerings with her Rock Your Bliss work… She said, “And there’s more than enough to go around. It doesn’t have to be split through the middle or perfectly organized. It’s like just keep creating and coming from that really full, nourished space and you’ll draw in exactly what you’re meant to…”

  • Mary Beth talks about shifting away from having a regular, public yoga class to hosting pop-up experiences.

  • Julia and Mary Beth discuss the serendipity behind MB’s move from Venice to Silverlake. Julia said: “...often times things start lining up well before they actually happen…”

  • Julia asks Mary Beth about her experience as non-drinker and how it has shaped and shifted her life. Julia also shares about her experience with sobriety.

  • Mary Beth shares her personal experience with foster care and becoming a foster mom.

  • Mary Beth said: “I feel like this last year has given me grit, like now there is stuff that I speak to that my storyline might be different from yours but you’ve suffered… you know what it feels like to be scared, you know what it feels like to lose someone or something,  you know what it feels like to unconditionally love and I get to relate in such a different way having felt all of these emotions so powerfully, non-stop for a year.”

  • MB answers Julia’s wrap-up questions. She said, “your life is unfolding as it should...the more time we spend arguing with reality, it’s silly and it puts us in such a bad headspace. And, I look at all the things that are occurring now and over these past several years and they really came on time, even the painful things, they were totally meant to land at the time they did because I was ready to receive them.”

Links to Things Mentioned:

Learn More About Mary Beth and Rock Your Bliss:

Mary Beth’s Website:

Mary Beth’s Instagram: @MaryBethLaRue

Rock Your Bliss Website:

Rock Your Bliss Instagram: @RockYourBliss


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Jennie Rathke of Studio Flo Pilates joins Julia for Episode 19 of Move Into Truth. After meeting in an elevator 4.5 years ago, Julia and Jennie became fast friends. During their conversation, Jennie shares the story of how she started and created a successful business. And, she talks about her life outside of the studio and what it is like to be a military wife. Julia refers to Jennie as one of the most loved people she knows - listen to EP 19 to understand why!

A Summary of Season Four - Episode 19 with Jennie Rathke:

  • Julia shares the story of how she initially met Jennie in an elevator at a goal setting workshop.

  • Jennie is the owner of Studio Flo Pilates.

  • Julia explains that Jennie is highly revered by everyone who knows her and she asks Jennie why she thinks everyone loves her so much…

  • Jennie attributes the love she receives from her clients and friends to the fact that she deeply cares about other people and she easily and quickly develops intimacy with others.

  • Jennie shares the story of how she grew from a dancer to the owner of a very successful classical pilates studio.

  • Jennie said: “I’ve always loved dance, especially ballet, because it’s so technical and it’s almost this process of your striving for perfection but you’re never going to get there. And, once you feel like you’ve achieved the next thing, there’s always going to be 10 more things you need to achieve after that... “

  • Jennie discovered pilates while studying dance in college.

  • Jennie initially received her first pilates certification while in undergrad. Now, Jennie is a Second Generation Master Teacher through Lolita San Miguel.

  • Jennie opened the doors to Studio Flo Pilates 6 months after she made the decision to start her own studio.

  • Jennie attributes the success of her studio to the fact that she cares about everyone who walks through the door and remembers details about her clients.

  • Jennie explains how she has learned to navigate the challenges of running her own business: she has expanded her staff and she has her “board of directors” that she consults

  • Jennie’s advice to someone looking to open a fitness studio: work in the industry for a couple of years first - build your personal clientele; find and know your niche

  • Jennie’s husband has encouraged her to find, know, and connect to/with her “why”.

  • Jennie talks about her life outside of the studio.

  • Jennie shares the story of how she met her husband, Scott.

  • Jennie’s shadows: she cares too much about what other people think; anxiousness: having a hard time enjoying what’s in front of her because she’s worried about what’s coming next; worrying too much about making other people happy

  • Jennie explains how she copes with her shadows...

  • Jennie is training to become a doula and a CASA volunteer.

  • Jennie shares her experience as a military wife.

  • Jennie said: “Life is just bigger than how we make money.”

  • Jennie’s “5 year plan” is so much more open now than it ever has been… she hopes to grow her family and to expand pilates to communities who do not have access to it.

  • Jennie said: “True happiness comes from what you give to others. If you can find what your special gift is, of what you do give to others. Then, if you practice that on a daily basis, you will have anything that you want or that happiness that you’re searching for…”

Links to Things Mentioned:

Learn More About Jennie and Studio Flo:


Instagram: @StudioFloPilates


Listen to Episode 18 of Move Into Truth on iTunes or Spotify now!


Welcome to Season Four of The Move Into Truth Podcast! Episode 18 is a solo episode - Julia shares that she is pregnant! During EP 18, Julia reveals her conception story, what the First Trimester was like for her, and the lessons she has learned from her pregnancy. As always, her story includes both the light and the darkness!

A Quick Summary of Season Four - Episode 18 with Julia:

  • Julia acknowledges everyone’s pregnancy journey is wildly different. However, hearing other women’s stories have really helped her and she felt compelled to get real and share everything about hers.

  • Julia shares a little bit about her conception story and how she discovered that she was expecting.

  • She explains what the First Trimester was like for her - personally.

  • And, she shares what these last couple of months have taught her about herself and about life in general.

  • Julia also reveals that she will launch an 8 Week Coaching Series - Move Into Your Truth - in April. If you are interested in learning more about the program before she opens enrollment, please email her:

You can listen to Episode 18 of Move Into Truth via the SoundCloud link above or enjoy on iTunes or Spotify!




Listen to Episode 17 of Move Into Truth on iTunes or Spotify now!


Samantha Lawrence of The Bright Life  joins Julia for Episode 17 of Move Into Truth! Samantha is vibrant, outgoing, and she self-describes as “Buddy the Elf all year long” - Julia has admired Samantha since she first met her seven years ago. Throughout their conversation, Samantha threads her wisdom into the unfolding of her own journey. Also, during the episode, you’ll receive a gift from Samantha!

A Summary of Season Three - Episode 17 with Samantha Lawrence:

  • Samantha is one of Julia’s all-time favorite bosses

  • Samantha answers Season Three opening questions

  • Samantha describes herself as “a closet nerd”

  • Samantha is a yoga teacher and a professional life coach - she specializes in reinvention and mindfulness coaching

  • Samantha shares how being a mom has shaped the way she approaches her work

  • Snowshoeing has become Samantha’s “new yoga”

  • Samantha shares her gifts: inspiring reinvention; helping people get unstuck; supporting people in finding their authentic voice

  • Samantha's coaching business is The Bright Life

  • Samantha said: “we are always going through these different phases in life and rather than feel like every phase is this brand new, crazy challenge, we have an opportunity to really embrace it and make it new and make it exciting for us...change is my only constant.”

  • Samantha describes her recent reinventions

  • Samantha said: ...“rather than putting expectations on myself, that I could actually make an agreement to just live and to pursue passions and really trust that even if it’s risky, even it’s scary, even if I don’t necessarily succeed on paper, that I get to define my version of success.”

  • Samantha’s Core Values: Family; Balance; Creativity; Growth

  • Samantha is a Kirtan Artist

  • Samantha shares her shadows: severe anxiety; acting small and having a lack of confidence due to her youthful appearance; falling out of alignment with her core values

  • Samantha said: “...healing is something that doesn’t just happens once, it’s something we are consistently doing throughout our lives.”

  • Samantha explains how her shadows have popped up since becoming a new mom

  • Samantha is offering a 45 Minute Reinvention Evaluation Session to The Move Into Truth listeners

  • Samantha said: “I’m not huge into resolutions, you think I would be as a goal coach, but this work is not a luxury. It’s something that really creates changes for people who want to make that shift, that want to make that change in their life. And, so for me, rather than creating a resolution, it’s this idea of creating a theme for your whole year that gives permission for goals to fluctuate, that gives permission for your intentions to change, but still drives you towards that conscious place of determined action...”

  • Samantha answers Season Three closing questions

  • Samantha’s 2019 theme is evolution

Links to Things Mentioned:

Learn More About Samantha:

Click Here to Contact Samantha to Set Up Your Reinvention Evaluation Session


Instagram: @TheBrightLifeCoach


Listen to Episode 16 of Move Into Truth on iTunes or Spotify now!


Brea Smith joins Julia for Episode 16 of Move Into Truth! Brea and Julia have an interconnected past and they share a bit about how their lives have serendipitously intersected since they met in 2014. In addition to sharing her gifts and shadows, Brea describes her relationship to spirituality and God and she shares some of the lessons she has learned in recovery.

Julia and Brea are kindred spirits and it comes across in their conversation - enjoy their lightheartedness!

A Summary of Season Three - Episode 16 with Brea Smith:

  • Julia interviews Brea in Brea’s living room, they are joined by Brea’s rescue dog, Mizzey

  • Julia chronicles her dynamic history with Brea

  • Julia describes Brea as “her go-to-gal”

  • Brea answers Season Three opening questions

  • Brea is the Studio Manager of CorePower Yoga Poway

  • Brea said: “People don’t go to yoga because they are calm and loving life and feeling really at peace inside… they come to yoga because they’re seekers because they are feeling probably not great inside, a little chaotic, and then they become teachers.”

  • Brea shares her gifts: the ability to manage and guide people in a compassionate, grounded way; seeing the big picture; bravery

  • Brea said: “I do things even though I am really scared to do them and I have an open mind and I’m not afraid to change my perspective and to change because of what I’m learning.”

  • Brea shares her shadow: immense and ever vibrating fear that lives deep within which connects to distrust of self and intuition; anxiety and depression

  • Brea said: “I’m good at sitting in my darkness; which can be really not fun.”

  • Brea said: “I’m just a sensitive being, I’m learning how to use that for good and to pause and sit in the deep feelings of joy when I feel them and excitement and happiness and to send love to myself when I feel the dark things…”

  • Julia asks Brea “what does the word God mean to you and how do you bring your God into your day to day?”

  • Brea said: “when I think about God, I think of really just  love too be honest, I don’t have a specific answer to what God is, but for me, God is everything, God is the breath that I breathe, God is that feeling when you feel some release, some peace. God is when you run into your best friend in Chile by accident without evening knowing it after not seeing that person for months, which happened to me…”

  • Brea explains how she brings God into her day to day life

  • Brea shares how she has used her experience with anxiety and depression to connect with others in a similar circumstance

  • Brea answers Season Three closing questions

  • Brea said: “When you feel stuck, depressed, anxious, unmotivated, uninspired, it’s because you have some kind of entanglement, you can look at it as a knot or a ball of some dark energy inside of you and the energy just simply needs to be moved, because everything is just energy moving… that’s why when people say you’re having a good time it’s temporary, bad time is temporary because it’s the energy thing. So, when you feel stuck, all you need to do is do something to shift the energy… when I feel yucky, I need to do something that calls to my light...”

Links to Things Mentioned:

Learn More About Brea:

Instagram: @breasomyoga


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Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 1.48.00 PM.png

Leslie Murphy, owner of Cleo Skincare, joins Julia for Episode 15 of Move Into Truth! This conversation packs some serious truth. Leslie shares her gifts and her shadows; as well as the story behind her ultra-successful sugaring and holistic skincare business. Julia and Leslie also explore spirituality and the power of “doing the work”.

A Summary of Season Three - Episode 15 with Leslie Murphy:

  • Julia talks about Leslie’s business, Cleo Sugaring, and how she knows Leslie

  • Leslie describes herself as a nature lover, friend, wife, and dog mother

  • Leslie makes her own skincare line

  • Leslie answers Season Three opening questions

  • Leslie shares her gifts: creating space for people in an intimate environment; creating sustainable skincare products

  • Leslie hopes to someday have a farm and to create a deeper relationship with plants

  • Leslie said: “’s incredible what space can do for you and healing your head and connection.”

  • Leslie shares her shadow: depression and anxiety; negative behaviors learned in childhood; her marriage to an addict and his passing; codependency

  • Leslie said: “... when he passed, it was such dark, hard time for me and I knew right then and there, that I had to find God. And, I went on the quest that I think a lot of us are on in my life, the women that I know, the men that I know, so I went on my quest to find the answers and to understand what the hell death was and where was he and was it my fault, is it my fault? I had to go through all of that and figure out all of those answers. I worked so hard for probably 3 years to figure out all the answers to really my life and to really find God... and yeah, I can happily say I was able to not go towards any drugs or negative patterns to heal and I was able to really dig deep and work through that whole chaos. Through that, I was able to really create the life I have now and it’s really wild to me that that was that catalyst that really sent me in this direction…”

  • Leslie describes her version of spirituality

  • Leslie said: “My version of spirituality is trusting the plan and believing that everything is happening for a reason. I believe that fear is not real...”

  • Julia and Leslie talk about fertility

  • Leslie said: “I think sometimes just shifting your perception can be such a game changer and it sounds so easy and it kind of is and it changes everything, it changes your whole being… it’s crazy how easy some of these shifts can be.”

  • Julia and Leslie discuss the power of “doing the work”

  • Julia said: “you have to move through it to get through it.”

  • When speaking about how she manages and works with her anxiety and depression, Leslie said: “ this point, when you’ve been through so much, you know that it’s all going to get better…in the grand scheme of life, it’s okay.”

  • Leslie shares about the success of her business, Cleo Skincare: hard work; patience; humility; starting small

  • Leslie said: “...starting the business, it was a clear moment of I was going to put everything on the line and go for it, but I was okay if it failed. And, that’s huge, to know you’re going to put yourself out there and you’ll literally be okay if it fails in front of everyone. I think it starts with that…”

  • Leslie answers Season Three closing questions

Links to Things Mentioned:

Learn More About Leslie and Cleo Skincare:

Instagram: @Cleo.Skincare



Listen to Episode 14 of Move Into Truth on iTunes or Spotify now!


Rob Nguyen, Yoga Teacher and Energy Healer, joins Julia for Episode 14 of Move Into Truth! Julia wanted to have Rob on the podcast because, “[he has] a very special ethereal quality” and his magnetic personality radiates through the speakers. Throughout their conversation, Julia and Rob talk about a variety of healing practices, relationships, family, and how to embrace and honor darkness, with light.

A Summary of Season Three - Episode 14 with Rob Nguyen:

  • Julia joins Rob Nguyen at his home in Normal Heights, San Diego

  • Rob and Julia both teach yoga at Trilogy Sanctuary and Rob is co-leading Yoga Teacher Training with Julia in February

MIT-S3-Rob Flowers.JPG
  • Julia shares why she wanted to invite Rob on the podcast, “[he has] a very special ethereal quality”

  • Rob answers Season Three opening questions

  • Rob explains how he keeps his auric field clean through water meditation, smudging, and flower essences

  • Rob shares his gifts: being compassionate with himself and others; weaving the physical body into spiritual body

  • Rob said: “I don’t have to have a unique gift or a genius, but that everything that I do is my gift.. It’s my presents to the world, it’s the gift... and, that’s what I discovered, it doesn’t have to be something so specific with it, but just humbly and simply being compassionate with myself, then with others, is the genius...”

  • Rob talks about his experience with Past-Life Regression Therapy; he learned: “love is eternal”; “simplicity is the magic of life”

  • Rob shares his shadows: Being a first generation Vietnamese-American: Rob followed his parents’ dream for him and the “American” dream and the stress and anxiety caused him to faint on the street in New York City; mistrust issues from partner disloyalty

  • Rob said: “...emotions heal and traumas heal.”

  • Rob said: “’s a struggle between acknowledging my unique self, but also paying homage to my family and my ancestral self….my parents came from the mindset of wanting the American dream, where I’m kind of dispelling the American dream and making my dream, just a dream.”

  • Rob describes how he has experienced pain and the tools he used to heal

  • Rob and Julia discuss how they navigate dynamic relationships with their family

  • Rob shares about how he uses flower arrangement as expression (photo above)

  • Rob answers Season Three closing questions

Links to Things Mentioned:

Learn More About Rob Nguyen:


Instagram: @FlowerBoyRob


Listen to Episode 13 of Move Into Truth on iTunes or Spotify now!


Happy 2019! Julia keeps it short and sweet to kick off the first episode of Season Three! After quickly introducing Season Three guest, Julia shares three lessons she learned in 2018 and how those lessons shaped her 2019 intentions and practices!  She also shares her goals for how she would like to evolve The Move Into Truth Podcast and the topics she plans to introduce in Season Four and Beyond!

Julia hopes this episode inspires you to think about what you learned in 2018 and how those lessons can help you shape the way you move into 2019. AND, she truly hope it inspires you to SHARE your hopes and dreams out loud. In her words, “...sharing is medicine.”

A Summary of Season Three - Episode 13 with Julia Sparkman:

  • Julia changes things up a bit to kick off Season Three - she does not follow the familiar format of the podcast

  • Season 3 will be the final season that uses the familiar Move Into Truth prompts

  • During Episode 13, Julia introduces Season Three guests; she shares three lessons she learned in 2018 and how those lessons shaped her 2019 intentions and practices; Julia also overviews her intention for how she would like to evolve the Move Into Truth podcast and what she plans to talk about in Season Four and beyond

  • Season 3 Guest List: Rob Nguyen, Leslie Murphy, Brea Smith, Christa Smith, and Samantha Lawrence

  • Julia explains the 3 lessons she learned in 2018 and how they shaped three intentions she plans to practice in 2019

  • Julia said: “I think sharing is medicine.”

  • Julia shares the topics she plans to cover on The Move Into Truth Podcast in Season Four and Beyond: What it means to be a woman in 2019?; What it means to be a man in 2019?; Navigating Adult Life - from finances to the stories we have brought with us from our childhood and how they impact our adult life; Addiction & Recovery; Politics; Spirituality

  • Julia said: “I wholeheartedly feel this podcast is just as much yours as it is mine.”

  • Julia encourages you to reach out to her on instagram @JuliaSparkman or through the website. Visit and click “Let’s Connect” in the top right hand corner

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Listen to Episode 12 of Move Into Truth on iTunes or Spotify now!


Julia is so grateful for the timing of Episode 12’s release - Ashley Hall shared powerful practices and personal life experiences that you can use to end 2018 and to kick-off 2019, both in gratitude and divinely inspired! Ashley is a phenomenal artist that uses her art and online platforms to express her truth and inspire others.

Please enjoy the final episode of Season 2 and of 2018. We’ll be back in the New Year! Thank you for rounding us out, Ashley!

A Summary of Season Two - Episode 12 with Ashley Hall:

  • Julia and Ashley know each other through yoga, they met at CorePower in Encinitas

  • Ashley answers Season Two opening questions

  • Ashley describes herself as an artist

  • Ashley speaks to the power of affirmations

  • Ashley shares her gifts: being an artist; her gratitude practice

  • Ashley said: “My art is a vehicle for something bigger...I dive into my spirituality through art. But, my art is really giving me a voice of being a teacher and sharing something a lot more profound that I have in me.”

  • Ashley describes Gratituding: “I sit down and I gratitude, I’m not necessarily making bullet points of I’m grateful for this, I’m grateful for that, that’s something I do more on an inner dialogue everyday. So, I’m speaking that everyday. When I sit down to gratitude, it’s like speaking my life into existence, what I want to experience that day. So that as my morning routine is like the #1 non-negotiable.”

  • Ashley starts her gratitude practice with the sentence: “I am so happy and grateful now that…”

  • Ashley shares her shadows: abusive relationships - both in her own experience and her family; people telling her that she was stupid/ditzy; the fear of being left/rejected in relationship

  • Julia said: “ come from darkness, you have to do something to bring the light in.”

  • Ashley said: “...something that has really helped me in this process of letting go and moving into my voice has been understanding and just acknowledging that people are in their own spaces, like we are very much one - we all come from the same energy - but every single person is in their own experience and they are going to project into the world and they are going to project onto you what it is they are feeling on an internal level…”

  • Ashley said: “...sometimes it is challenging to be in our truth because of the projections that other people have, but at what point do you just like have to step away from those projections and just move into the growth and the human being your meant to become. Because you creating this podcast, like me creating a YouTube channel, somebody doing something and showing up with light in the World, they are moving into their truth and that’s, at the end of the day the most important thing because we only grow when we are moving.”

  • Ashley and Julia talk about the spiritual and emotional growth that occurs within relationships

  • Ashley said: “...when you enter into a relationship, it brings forward all of these past experiences that ask you to look at them and then let them go in order to make progress in your relationship and move forward with your companionship.”

  • Julia shares about her own experience with feelings of insecurity and abandonment

  • Julia said: “...I’m able to trust Alex now because I trust myself.”

  • Ashley said: “What I’ve learned and what I’ve experienced in my darkness, the things that are pulling me through it and pulling me out of it, the things that I am discovering about myself on a deeper level, the questions I am asking, my spiritual growth in that process, that’s where I have something to share…”

  • Ashley creates large wood-burned mandalas

  • Ashley said: “I encourage anybody listening to find a form of expression, be it yoga, or be it something creative, or be it writing, that allows them opportunity to connect to their highest power, their greatest vision of who they are on a deeper level, and to begin practicing it, and dedicating yourself to it every single day.”

  • Ashley describes the intention that she infuses into her art. She said: “my art is so much more than what you see, it’s like a total evolution of my growth through that piece itself.”

  • Ashley answers Season Two closing questions

  • Ashley said: “You are an extension of source. And that every single human being that you encounter every single day is that same extension of source. And how much you want to allow to flow through you is your choice and how much you don’t want to allow to flow through you is also your choice. We all have this divine life in this physical body and to use it to love and to give and to bring kindness and to bring more awareness towards what our life is truly about in this body which is connection and creation within one another… A lot of people identify with this Universe and this Source or Divine as this separate entity or this separate being and I really feel it is so empowering to take that energy and know it is you, and you are that are perfect.”

Links to Things Mentioned:

Learn More About Ashley Hall:


Instagram: @AshleyHallArt

YouTube: Ashley Ducey


Listen to Episode 11 of Move Into Truth on iTunes or Spotify now!

Untitled design.png

Everytime Julia records and mixes an episode, that new show becomes a “favorite” for its own unique reason. However, Episode 11 featuring Davis Haines is very, very special to Julia and she is so proud of their conversation. Davis shares some incredibly raw truths and offers insightful, deep perspectives on two “taboo” topics - death and addiction. While this episode is real to the max, Julia and Davis laugh a lot and reference some awesome books, people, and experiences. A heartfelt thanks to Davis!  

Enjoy <3

A Summary of Season Two - Episode 11 with Davis Haines:

  • Julia shares about her history with Davis and how they initially met in Chicago in 2011 and their mutual love for Davis’s wife and Julia’s good friend, Leeann

  • Davis and Julia “have not always been the best of friends” but they’ve always had a mutual appreciation and respect for each other

  • Davis answers Season Two opening questions

  • Davis teaches music to babies and toddlers and their caregivers and parents and he is an artist

  • Davis said: “It’s really sweet to be seen.”

  • Davis’s current artistic medium is music and he is interested in creating adult lullabies

  • Advice Davis would give to his 23 year old self: “Try to find a way to worry less. It’s going to be okay. It’s okay that you don’t know. It’s okay that you don’t know - try to enjoy it.”

  • Davis shares his gifts: authenticity; communication; and seeking love in others

  • Davis said: “People have reflected back to me that they see me as someone that’s genuine and authentic and that I communicate well...”

  • Davis learned how to love from working with people with down syndrome

  • Davis said: “Love is the absolute most important thing we can share with each other.”

  • Julia and Davis describe Davis’s accident: in 2011, Davis was ran over by a mack truck while riding his bike in Chicago

  • A man by the name of Art helped Davis on the street - when Davis woke up at the hospital, he said he saw an angel

  • Prior to his accident, Davis was exploring atheism

  • Davis said: “I now recognize, God is love, love is I guess you can always say, I’ve been a believer.”

  • Davis shares about “The Death Perspective” as it relates to his accident and why he identifies it as a gift

  • Davis said: “Death is such an important thing to talk about… something that we do not culturally, societally talk about enough. Because, because it’s funny, it’s the one thing we can guarantee is going to happen. Even the immoralists have to recognize that what they are fighting against is the inevitability of death. And, a lot of people live in a state of denial of that reality. And, we treat each other like that, we treat the planet like that… we just sort of get wrapped up in the little things, in all things manmade, like the economy, or the hustle or the just little dynamics, politics, the things we created so to speak, the minute details, that end up feeding into the anxieties of our world. But, when we recognize we are going to die, just like you can’t know light without darkness, you cannot know life without death…”

  • Davis was given a 1% chance to live and while he was in his coma, he had an experience of pure love

  • Davis said: “We’re here, this is the gift.”

  • Davis shares his shadows: addiction; depression; isolation

  • Davis discusses his struggles with pornography and how he used it cope with life

  • Davis said: “it’s kind of this wild, new terrain… that I mentioned before, I don’t think a lot of men are talking about and it’s something I’m trying to deal with and I’m trying to dig up. It’s something I would have never mentioned on a podcast or put this around anything I would of put out into the Universe, but there is so much depth to this for me and it’s important for me to shine a light on this shadow.”

  • Julia said: “Addiction manifests in many different ways, if you take away one problem and you don’t take care of that problem, you know, if you take away the vice but you don’t give yourself a solution, then you are going to find another way to keep that “ism” of addiction going…”

  • Davis said: “ was an issue of not knowing it was an issue.”

  • Davis answers Season Two closing questions

  • Davis said: “There is nothing to be afraid of… specifically in death. The thing I am the most afraid of in this life is the pain we inflict on each other… do less harm, to help people, to know that everyone is hurting and their hurt can be loved through, and that we can be each other’s healing vessels. There are many ways to do that, I think service is incredible, I think listening is incredible. To me when I think about art, creating art, art is pray, to me, it’s my way of saying thank you to God. Thank you for all the magical mysteries….Life is a gift. Let us be kind, and in service to each other and in service of love so that we can enjoy this ride the best we can...”

Links to Things Mentioned:

Learn More About Davis Haines:

Davis’s Twitter: @DavisMacLeod



Listen to Episode 10 of Move Into Truth on iTunes or Spotify now!


Katie B Happyy, international leader and optimal performance trainer, joins Julia for episode TEN of the Move Into Truth podcast! A true powerhouse, Katie is a captivating woman with an amazing story.

Throughout the episode, Katie shares her truth with humor, inspiration, and tact. And, in her own words, Katie describes the main reason why Julia wanted her to be a guest: “I have this vigor for life, I have this truth in knowing who I am, because life is too short to not know who I am, to be unapologetically me.”

A Summary of Season Two - Episode 10 with Katie Burke:

  • Julia shares the story of when she first met Katie at CorePower Yoga Pacific Beach and why she wanted to have Katie on the podcast

  • Katie answers Season Two opening questions

  • Katie describes herself as an optimal performance trainer; she takes people on self-ventures

  • Katie said: “I really believe people go through life, we all go through life a little numb, but we really don’t believe that anything is possible for us. And, I’ve been given a gift somehow throughout the course of experiences to realize that really anything is possible.”

  • Katie talks about the difference between her gut and her heart

  • Katie shares her gifts: the gift of presence when all eyes are on her; orchestrating a dynamic class experience for every student in the class; being unapologetically herself

  • Katie said: “..true wisdom is embodying all of the good qualities of people that you love and the things you want to attract in your life.”

  • Katie said: “...I want to give you the tools to make you grow forward...I don’t want to babysit you, I want to give you the tools.”

  • Katie shares about how her mother’s passing has impacted her life

  • Katie explained that the Latin root of the word “inhale” is inspira

  • Katie shares her shadows: her wall around receiving and attachment

  • Julia tells Katie that she should get a dog

  • Katie shares about her experience with Bell’s Palsy #HalfSmileIsBetterThanNoSmile

  • Katie describes the International Yoga Teacher Training she is leading that is focused on personal development

  • Katie answers Season Two closing questions

  • Katie wants everyone to know: “I hope that people know they can do anything in this life.”

  • Katie’s 3 Mantras: show up 100%; give up the things that are un-serving; align with a higher purpose

Links to Things Mentioned:

Learn More About Katie Burke:

Instagram: @KatieBHappyy

Twitter: @KatieBHappyy

Website: BInspired.Life


Listen to Episode 09 of Move Into Truth on iTunes or Spotify now!


Julia welcomes her first male guest to the Move Into Truth podcast, Justin Ternes! In addition to sharing his gifts and his shadows, Justin and Julia discuss the mindful practices that Justin practices and shares.

Julia particularly loved one thing Justin said during the episode: “Maybe if I tell my story to 100 people 2 people will benefit from it and that is better than not sharing it at all.”

A Summary of Season Two - Episode 09 with Justin Ternes:

  • Justin and Julia know each other from participating at a training at Gather in Encinitas, CA

  • Justin answers Season Two opening questions

  • Justin shares the “why” behind his move to San Diego - he came out here for his physical therapy internship and stayed to work in the field full-time

  • Advice Justin would have given to himself 5 years ago: “...breathe, open your eyes, take everything in, no need to search, just keep doing what you need to do, which is take care of yourself and other things will fall into place...let destiny flow instead of searching”

  • Justin shares his gifts: openness; positivity; trying challenging things and sharing the experience with others - Justin used the Wim Hof method as an example; he developed teaching skills

  • Justin said: “One of my gifts is to explore where others may not feel comfortable exploring, go down paths that maybe are a little more darker and scarier and unknown.”

  • Justin and Julia discuss the space between the stimulus and the response and the importance of pausing

  • Julia describes Justin as “stoked”

  • Justin shares his shadows: Justin reflects on his shadows from the lenses of Self Authoring developed by Jordan Peterson; disconnected/reclusive; depression; being on the wrong side of pushing the limits

  • Justin and Julia talk about how Justin can make mindful practices and self-inquiry approachable to “guy’s guys”

  • Justin answers Season Two closing questions

Links to Things Mentioned:

Learn More About Justin Ternes:




Listen to Episode 08 of Move Into Truth on iTunes or Spotify now!


Julia welcomes her first international guest to the Move Into Truth Podcast, Charlotte Waldmeir!!! During their conversation, Charlotte said: “This world is big but it’s also small.”

During the episode, Charlotte shares her gifts, her shadows, and what she has learned from her experiences living as an expat in South America and Mexico City. Charlotte’s stories will remind you that time takes time and the power of bravery.

A Summary of Season Two - Episode 08 with Charlotte Waldmeir:

  • Julia shares how she and Charlotte initially met in Chicago at CorePower Yoga

  • Charlotte answers Season Two opening questions

  • Charlotte is a Yoga Professional

  • Charlotte said: “It’s all going to be okay, it all works out.”

  • Charlotte shares her gift: asking big questions; communicating; crippling compassion; creativity

  • Charlotte said: “I crave asking big questions, I’m not afraid to ask big questions. Sometimes the outcomes are scary, but I’ve never been afraid to have hard conversation with people.”

  • Charlotte said: “Communication is the bedrock of community.”

  • Charlotte shares her shadows: the inner critic voice; a lack of qualifications/voice

  • Charlotte said: “When you chase change for so long, you get comfortable with change - that the opposite of change becomes abnormal.”

  • Charlotte said: “I check in with my shadows a lot.”

  • Julia said: “...the truth is always going to change.”

  • Charlotte said: “My lack of qualification is actually my greatest authenticity.”

  • Charlotte shares a vulnerable story about growing her community yoga classes in South America

  • Charlotte said: “The answers always no until you ask.”

  • Charlotte answers Season Two closing questions

Books + Resources:

Learn More About Charlotte Waldmeir:


League Yoga Facebook: League Yoga Facebook Page

League Yoga Instagram: @League_Yoga

Charlotte’s Instagram: @CharlotteWald


Listen to Episode 07 of Move Into Truth on iTunes or Spotify now!


Julia Sparkman kicks off Season Two by sharing her light and shadows specifically as they relate to the Move Into Truth podcast! She introduces and answers Season Two opening and closing questions… She also describes what she is and isn’t up to in her life right now!

A Summary of Season Two - Episode 07 with Julia Sparkman:

  • Julia welcomes everyone to Season Two of the Move Into Truth podcast

  • Julia thanks Season One guests and she also encourages listeners to listen to their episodes

  • Julia answers Season Two opening questions

  • Julia currently describes herself as the lead facilitator of the Yoga Teacher Program at Trilogy Sanctuary, the host of the Move Into Truth podcast, and she is currently applying to graduate school

  • Julia talks about why she decided to pause on writing her memoir

  • Julia said: “I felt like I needed to keep going until everything landed in this perfect place.”

  • Advice Julia would give to herself 5 years ago, at age 26: PAUSE; lay down, drink a glass of water, turn the lights off

  • Julia’s light as it relates to the Move Into Truth podcast: resiliency; Julia is good at coming up with and executing on ideas and moving on if they don’t work out; Julia is good at using her ‘failures’ as stepping stones

  • Julia’s shadows as they relate to the Move Into Truth podcast: self-judgement for constantly trying on new things; insecurities about how she perceives other people’s judgement of her; not going all in when it comes to investing in her personal brand and Move Into Truth because of her fear of failure

  • Julia said: “It doesn’t matter how stoked I am… I always zone in on the one or two people that look like they’re not enjoying themselves and that’s what I fixate on…”

  • Julia said: “it’s pretty sad, I’ll put myself out there and lead these big group classes or these special events and I dread it almost… like, I’m excited and I always feel humbled and honored when I’m asked to lead it... and then I sit in fear…‘no one’s going to come, my audience isn’t going to be as big as x person’s audience when they led it, no one is going to like it, I’m not as good as x person, blah blah blah blah blah’... I often go into these situations scared and feeling really insecure, and then I leave and I’m hypercritical of myself…and it’s really exhausting and it’s really sad.”

  • Julia said: “that’s really something I’m working on right now, showing up and just owning it.”

  • Julia said: “ 2019 that’s something I’m really looking to shift for myself, I’m going to show up and put it all out there, because life’s too short not to and because I owe it to myself to truly invest and go full force into everything that I do.”

  • Julia said: “...even though I am insecure I am going to continue to show up and create authentically and trust that the right people will find me at the right time.”

  • Julia answers Season Two closing questions

  • Julia shouts out everyone who has written a review for the Move Into Truth podcast on iTunes

  • Julia thanks Season Two guest list: Charlotte, Justin, Katie, Davis, and Ashley

  • Julia said: “Your thoughts are so powerful. Whether your thoughts are positive or negative, your thoughts will shape your life. So, think wisely.”

Links to Things Mentioned:




Listen to Episode 06 of Move Into Truth on iTunes or Spotify now!


Julia is so excited to share EP 06 featuring Kylie Lewis - the final episode of Season One!

This episode is extra special to Julia because her guest, Kylie, lives in her hometown of Rockford, IL. During the intro, Julia shares why Rockford used to be a big part of her personal shadow.

In addition to being a self-help giant in a community that has limited access health and personal development, Kylie is a phenomenal artist, teacher, and advocate for true consciousness. Her story is super powerful, inspiring, and relatable.

During the conversation, Kylie said: “Being empathic comes from the experience of feeling your own pain.” and “The only reason I am able to help anyone is because I know what it is like to feel pain.”

Julia hopes that Kylie’s story encourages you to fully dive into your own truth and to use whatever pain you may find and heal to someday help others that are going through what you’ve been through.

A Summary of Season One - Episode 06 with Kylie Lewis:

  • Julia talks about her hometown, Rockford, IL

  • Julia shares why she wanted Kylie to be a guest and how they first met back in 2008

  • Kylie answers Season One opening questions

  • Kylie shares her gifts: painting and creating visual art; creating digital content (videos and podcasts); being empathetic and holding space for others to share their truths

  • Kylie shares her shadows: Kylie talks about her experience as participant on ABC’s The Bachelor and what led her to audition for the show; she also shares what it was like to heal herself from an unhealthy lifestyle and her transition to a life of mindfulness

  • Kylie and Julia talk about what it is like to navigate close relationships as you heal yourself

  • Kylie said: “My shadow gave me the secret - there is no secret, but the secret is, you’re it. You have everything it takes, you are it, you just have to be patient and you have to be consistent and you have to train your brain to feel the way that you want it to feel and it’s really that simple. It’s not easy, it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do in your life, but it’s very simple.”

  • Kylie answers Season Two closing questions

Books + Resources:

Learn More About Kylie Lewis:

Instagram: @KylieMLewis

YouTube Channel: Kylie Lewis YouTube

Podcast Instagram: @ComingCleanWithKylie


Listen to Episode 05 of Move Into Truth on iTunes or Spotify now!

Julia is honored to welcome Cat Canada to EP 05 of the Move Into Truth podcast! Cat Canada is the founder of Ladies Aloud, a digital and IRL platform for “talking the female experience, sustainability, and community”.

As always, Cat shares her gifts and her shadows on this episode. We also spend quite a bit of time talking about how stepping up and into the political conversation has enabled Cat to move into HER truth. Cat said, “Being a woman is a political… If I expect the world to treat me differently as a woman, or see me, truly as a woman, I need to get more involved in the world…”

Julia hopes this conversation inspires you just as much as it inspired her!

A Summary of Season One - Episode 05 with Cat Canada:

  • Julia tells a bit about how she and Cat first connected and she describes herself as Cat’s #1 Fan

  • Cat answers Season One opening questions

  • Cat describes her organization, Ladies Aloud; Julia describes her experience attending a few Ladies Aloud events

  • Cat shares her gifts: writing; acting as a community builder/organizer/someone who brings people together; writing and speaking mindful, thought-provoking words; being a moderator

  • Julia and Cat briefly discuss being Human Design Projector Types

  • Cat shares her shadows: working on not being nice; Cat shares how growing up with an alcoholic father shaped her desire to be nice; speaking her truth/not leading with Ladies Aloud

  • Cat defines kind and nice separately in her brain

  • Cat talks about using her voice and words politically

  • Cat said: “Being a woman is a political… If I expect the world to treat me differently as a woman, or see me, truly as a woman, I need to get more involved in the world...The more I’ve been in it and the more I’ve been on my own path, I’m discovering how many women are left behind and I have a lot of privilege that has gotten me where I’m at and I have a role in using my privilege in a way that’s going to help others. And I think it’s just… one foot in front of the next… and that is kind of the way my voice has slowly...gotten a little louder, a little bit louder…”

  • “Silence is just as oppressive as people who voted the other way.”

  • Cat is working on a book about her shadow, forgiveness, and redemption

  • Cat answers Season Two closing questions

Books + Resources:

Learn More About Cat Canada:

Ladies Aloud Website:

Ladies Aloud Instagram: @LadiesAloud

Cat Canada Instagram: @Cat.Canada


Listen to Episode 04 of Move Into Truth on iTunes or Spotify now!

EP 04 is dear to Julia’s heart - Blake Spencer, Breath of Blake, has intuitively guided Julia on her healing journey. Blake is a breathwork facilitator and a divine, interconnected being. She has a profound ability to hold healing spaces for people 1-on-1 and in groups. Julia and Blake explore Blake’s light, shadows, and her work.

In the episode, Blake explains herself best. She described herself as: “a multidimensional being...I spend my days processing emotion and energy and following the flow of the invitations that are coming my way and I am doing my best on this Earth realm, best as possible, to really ground in the human experience.”

A Summary of Season One - Episode 04 with Blake Spencer:

  • Julia refers to Blake as her “earth-angel” and tells the story of how she first discovered Blake and why she initially reached out to her to initiate breathwork

  • Blake answers Season One opening questions

  • Blake shares her gifts: holding great space and making space for communication; communicating well

  • Blake references the South Node/North Node - South Node: what you came into this life with; North Node: what you’re striving towards

  • Blake is learning how to align her genius with what is best for the Earth and everyone else

  • Blake shares her shadows: Blake was introduced to breathwork through the rave scene; she discusses how she grapples with self-worth, feeling love, feeling worthy of love, insecurity, and jealousy

  • Blake shares about her program Resource and what inspired her to create it

  • Questions Blake shared: Where do I resource my energy if I’m not drinking caffeine, if I’m not eating sugar, if I’m not stuffing my emotions with bread? Where can I resource? Where do we resource our energy? Can we pull from within instead of pulling from external things outside of us?

  • Blake answers Season One closing questions

Books + Resources:

Learn More About Blake:


Instagram: @BreathofBlake

Facebook: Breath of Blake



Listen to Episode 03 of Move Into Truth on iTunes or Spotify now!

Julia welcomes her first in real life interview guest to the Move Into Truth podcast, Audrey Jeanette! Julia met Audrey through their mutual friend, Leeann, and she immediately admired Audrey for her grace, creativity, style, and sense of humor.

Audrey’s story is very expansive for Julia and that is why Julia wanted her to be one of the first guests... Last year, Audrey navigated a painful heartbreak and the experience has strengthened Audrey’s faith in God and it showed her the power of supportive friendships.

Audrey’s story has depth and this episode is full of laughs and heart - enjoy!

A Summary of Season One - Episode 03 with Audrey Jeanette:

  • Julia opens by sharing something Audrey said during the episode: “I almost kind of hope that people go through something that shatters their world, I just hope that your world falls apart. So that you get to put it back together in a more beautiful, more graceful, more amazing way than you ever thought possible. And I hope you get to watch your true friends rise to your heartbreak. Because it just does incredible, vulnerable things in your life that wouldn’t happen otherwise.”

  • Julia introduces Audrey and she tells the story of how Audrey helped Julia’s husband secretly buy and gift her the wedding dress Audrey helped Julia pick out…

  • Audrey answers Season One opening questions

  • Audrey identifies herself as and explains the meaning of terpsichorean

  • Audrey shares that her genius is changing, since she stopped dancing, she often asks herself “what’s my purpose?”.

  • Audrey shares her gifts: writing; style - both through her own personal style and helping other people create and find their own style

  • Audrey identifies Julia’s style as bohemian

  • Audrey said, “I visualized my shadow and when I turned to look at it, in the same way you would turn to look to see your shadow, I saw myself.”

  • Audrey shares her shadows: negative thoughts that tell her she is not good enough, not creative enough; her struggle with perfectionism and letting go of perfection; navigating and letting go of the things that “you are supposed to do”

  • Audrey shares about the meaning “Hapax” a tattoo she has on her forearm. It means, “Once and Only Once”

  • Julia asks Audrey to share about her experience breaking up with her fiancé as she simultaneously worked at a bridal shop and how it shaped her life for the better

  • Audrey opens up about the book she is in the process of writing, “All the Men I’ve Ever Dated and Other Ghost Stories”

  • Audrey answers Season One closing questions

Books + Resources:

Learn More About Audrey:


Instagram: @audrey_jeanette


Listen to Episode 02 of Move Into Truth on iTunes or Spotify now!

Julia welcomes her first guest and very dear friend, Nina Petruzzo, to the Move Into Truth podcast. Nina is an incredible Yoga Educator, Occupational Therapist, Health and Wellness Coach, Lover of Nature, and Dog Mom. In addition to teaching public and private yoga classes in Cape Cod, Nina leads yoga retreats and yoga teacher immersions with her business partner, Jenna Zabrosky.

Throughout their conversation, Nina and Julia discuss Nina’s light and darkness...Nina said it best - “you have to feel it all.”

A Summary of Season One - Episode 02 with Nina Petruzzo:

  • Julia opens the episode by sharing about a podcast Julia and Nina started together and how supportive Nina was of Julia starting Move into Truth and Julia shares her love for Nina

  • The early days of Julia and Nina’s friendship

  • Nina answers Season One opening questions

  • Nina shares her gift: teaching yoga - helping her students slow down and focus on alignment to better support them on physical, emotional, and spiritual level

  • Nina shares her shadows: perfectionism and control specifically related to food, exercise, and feeling not enough; suppressing negative emotions that have manifested physically; moving home in her late 20s; navigating a challenging relationship and painful break-up

  • Nina answers Season One closing questions

Books + Resources Mentioned:

Learn More About Nina:


Instagram: @Nina_Petruzzo_Yoga


Listen to Episode 01 of Move Into Truth on iTunes or Spotify now!

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 8.20.01 PM.png

Welcome to the first episode of the Move Into Truth Podcast with your host, Julia Sparkman!

In this first episode, Julia details her “why” for starting the Move Into Truth podcast and what listeners can expect to hear in future episode. Move Into Truth is a series of lighthearted, deep conversations, where brave women and men share their truth - their light and their darkness. Julia shares her own story in the format that she will conduct interviews with future guests. This episode is highly-spirited and gives a peek into Julia’s core truth; she said: “I do believe [that] the darkest parts of ourselves are what enable us to change the world.”

A Summary of Season One - Episode 01 with Julia Sparkman:

  • The Move Into Truth podcast journey

  • First attempt at podcasting with Nina Petruzzo

  • Julia’s call to help other people and herself to intimately share their light and their darkness, their truth

  • Julia’s ‘why’ for creating the Move Into Truth podcast and where the idea and name for Move Into Truth came from

  • Why Julia wanted to create a platform for sharing truth

  • The format of the Move Into Truth podcast, what you can expect to hear in future episodes

  • Julia hopes that the podcast will help both her guests and people listening become less ashamed of their darkness and to embrace their shadows and to use their shadows to help spread their gifts and their genius

  • Julia interviews herself, each season has different “get to know you” type opening questions

  • Julia answers Season One opening questions

  • Julia shares her gifts: leadership; expressing her feelings and thoughts, both verbally and through written word; keeping it real/not bullshitting

  • Julia shares her shadows: her substance abuse issues/sobriety; the way she has held herself back with her student loan debt; her feelings of unworthiness/not being seen as they are tied to her husband’s previous marriage and her family struggles

  • Julia answers Season One closing questions

Books Mentioned: