On August 11, 2016, it occurred to me while I was out on a mid-morning walk with Mowgli — it had been a handful of days since I leisurely did something I was passionate about. At that point, I had been teaching yoga full-time for the better part of a year and a half. And, as much as I loved teaching yoga, it became more of a paycheck than a passion. 

Huge disclaimer, do not get me wrong, I love teaching yoga — but, when it was my main source of income, it really drained me. So, I created The 365 Passion Project to refocus my energy. For me, September 5th, 2016, the day before my 29th birthday, was the first day of my 365 day journey.   

At the time, I had NO idea that I would transition from teaching yoga to working full-time at a digital marketing agency. Even though my relationship with yoga has shifted, #The365PassionProject is just as, if not more, relevant now than it was when I started the project. It is a project that holds me accountable to living life with passion!

So, what is The 365 Passion Project, really? 

The 365 Passion Project is my ultimate act of self-care and self-love. It is my quest to devote 365 continuous days to doing at least ONE thing #everydamnday for pure passion (something free of ulterior motives, even altruistic ones). The activity must be something I do for the sake of enjoyment, celebration, PASSION, and love.  

Why am I so adamant about doing this?

Well, because I am really good at taking pleasurable things and twisting them into a convoluted mess of a business-oriented, entrepreneurial pursuit. Don’t get me wrong, that is one of my greatest strengths — however, it is important for me to pause the hustle so I can thoroughly tap into my heart and soul. I am confident that within this quest, my professional life will thrive. Most often, when we step away, we gain the best insights. 

With that said, I am urging everyone and anyone to join in on The 365 Passion Project. THE WORLD NEEDS MORE PASSION. Passion is energy, zeal, enthusiasm, and spirit. Passion is spark. 

I urge you to reclaim your time and infuse some passion into your life. 

How can I get involved?

It's simple, to participate, do one thing #everydamnday that raises your vibrations for an entire year. It can be as simple as laying in the grass watching the clouds pass by to jumping out of an airplane to spending real, authentic time with a loved one. Whatever you do, do it with a pure purpose of passion. 

You are more than welcome to quietly keep track on your own. Nevertheless, there is strength in numbers and I would love for you to spread the good-vibes by sharing on instagram using the hashtag: #The365PassionProject. Or, contact me at Julia@JuliaSparkman.com and tell me your story. 

I may not post updates of what I do every single day, but I will chronicle my journey on the "Stories" section of my website, my monthly newsletters,  and my instagram, @JuliaSparkman. Please join, share, and FIND YOUR SPARK