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Hi - I am Julia Sparkman. I am currently enjoying a sabbatical from my creative projects and endeavors as I eagerly await the arrival of my first baby girl, Sloan! 

Most recently, I was the host of The Move Into Truth Podcast, a yoga and mindfulness facilitator, and a storyteller. A dynamic woman by nature and at heart, my greatest joys in life are pretty simple:

I love my husband - Alex, our baby-to-be, our dog - Mowgli, and my friends and family.

I love ritual: meditation, journaling, prayer, attending conscious circles.... 

I love exploring my curiosity through travel, visiting museums, meeting new people, and trying new things.

I love slow mornings and early bedtimes, unless I am staying up late to devour a good book.

And… I love eating delicious food, being active outdoors, a sweaty workout, swimming in the ocean, and being barefoot. 

To understand the woman I am today, it’s helpful to know a bit about my past —  where I’ve been largely impacts where I am… Interested in learning more? Click here to read my full story.


The Move Into Truth Podcast

Lighthearted, deep conversations, where brave women and men share their truth.


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A collection of my personal narratives and memoirs of my favorite people, places, and things.