The Julia Sparkman Story

Julia Sparkman

Spawn from an adolescence rivaling the storyline of a 1990s soap opera, by the age of sixteen I had dropped out of high-school and ran 1600 miles across the country. After spending my teenage years swirling in the despair of juvenile delinquency, a divine intervention motivated me to be fulfilled and healthy. 

Having “lived on the streets” I was eager to understand intersectionality and inequality. That curiosity led me to Chicago where I studied Multicultural and Organizational Communication at DePaul University. In Chicago, I independently traversed Europe, studied and volunteered in South Africa, and conducted empirical, ethnographic research in Kenya. I also entrenched myself within Chicago’s tech-startup scene. 

Along the way, yoga has been and continues to be the foundation of and the catalyst for all of my pursuits. On my mat, I transformed. In 2012, I received my 200HR Yoga Alliance teaching certification and I am commited to sharing the transformational benefits of yoga with others. 

Shortly after graduating with my M.A. in 2013, my insatiable need to grow, develop, and be outdoors led me to the west coast. Today, I live in Cardiff by the Sea, CA with my fiance, Alex, and our rescue puppy, Mowgli. In addition to being a writer and a yoga teacher, I am the Marketing Manager at Yoga Six.

And, I love hot water with lemon, iced-Americanos, cayenne pepper, burritos, leafy greens, ice-cream, practicing yoga, a good book, swimming in the ocean, my bare feet touching the Earth, modern art, traveling, and trying new things. 

Using the darkness of my past and the gifts of my present, I live a deep life that I love to share with others. 

I am Julia Jane Sparkman and the person I am today will continue to change and evolve, so I’m certain you’ll meet a newly metamorphized version of me in the near future. 

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