The Evolution of

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Alas, version 3.0 is live — launched perfectly, imperfect. 

From 2013 to 2015, was hosted on Wordpress. Last June, I transitioned to Wix.  

Approximately three weeks ago, I received a notice from; my renewal payment had been denied. For months, I had wanted to transfer to Square Space and I did not know I was set for an automatic renewal on Wix. Thankfully, my credit card was compromised over the holidays — what seemed to be an inconvenience in November graciously forced me to update my website. 

In Wix’s honor, it’s an easy to use platform and their backend requires little to no effort to function and look clean. Nevertheless, I prefer the look and features of Square Space — the payment decline was just the nudge I needed. While I am confident there will be major changes in weeks to come, I am happy with the updates and the aesthetics of my present rendition. 

I decided to re-write all of the copy on my website before making the change — that included new personal and yoga biographies. 

As I reflected on what I wanted to say, it made me consider why I launched in the first place. Initially, was a platform for me to write outside of academia and for me to share my story. Since I was 19, I’ve known I’ve wanted to write a book about my life and I viewed as an opportunity to practice “speaking” from my authentic voice. 

Shortly after I bought the domain, I began writing two posts a week for an organic, fair-trade incense company and the need for my own site became obsolete — I was being paid to write about yoga and wellness! From 2013 to 2015, received very little attention from me. I loved writing for myInsens, yet it was not a platform for me to tell my story.

A year ago, I was ready to share “my truth” and I updated to Wix. In hindsight, I was not as ready as I thought — I held back most of my truth and refrained from sharing A LOT of important stories. 

My resistance to put it all out there came from overwhelming fear and shame. It also came from listening to naysayers. Fortunately, I am no longer held back by what anyone else has to say. As of late, I am wholly surrounded by people that ask “why aren’t you sharing your story?” versus “why would you share?” 

For the last six months, I’ve barely written at all. I got tired of writing shallow stories that barely scratched the surface. I also was uninspired by a lack of purpose for the site. While my website is a nice landing page to direct students to find my classes — I wanted to have a greater vision behind my energy investment. 

Even with the templates provided by each host, building a website takes a lot of time and effort. Through building websites, I’ve learned that all a goal takes is a VISION and hard WORK. 

I’m happy to launch this new version with a clear vision in mind: 

A space to share my public yoga classes, teacher trainings, events, and retreats.


A platform to share MY story and the stories of other inspiring beings. 

My stories and the stories of others will be coming soon. I cannot wait to share my heart, soul, and experiences with you. 


Finding Comfort in Discomfort

As a mindful hedonist, I understand the value of presence and purpose, but I naturally default to passionately pursuing life’s greatest pleasures. Documented in many of the stories I’ve shared on, even as a hedonist, I have grown to appreciate the challenges and adversities I’ve faced, as they have led me to many of my best moments — spiritually, personally, and professionally. While teaching, I frequently say, “find comfort in your discomfort”, as students practice deep hip-openers and other challenging postures, like savasana

What Great Thing Am I Working Towards?

What Great Thing Am I Working Towards?

I love traveling abroad. From the rush of the unknown to the exhilaration of new sights and sounds, I come alive in foreign places. Over the years, I’ve learned the best part about traveling abroad is the lack of connection. Wifi is generously available, but you still spend a lot of time offline, in-transit and walking around. I love the experience of being present without technological distractions. 

What's Stopping You?

What's Stopping You?

For years, shame and embarrassment have been my obstacles.

I have wanted to share my story, but the fear of judgement would hold me back. Keep in mind, the above passage is only about 10% of what has happened. Nevertheless, I know the experiences that I’ve had are happening to people RIGHT NOW. I want to show those who are silently suffering that it will be okay and it can work out (even better than imagined). 

Do What Makes You Feel Good

Do What Makes You Feel Good

I typically sit down with a clear idea and effortlessly write. Today, I had no idea where to start. I woke up tired and irritable. I did not feel well and my thoughts were foggy.  For once, I was not ready to share. Instead of forcing it or allowing myself to feel discouraged, I decided to practice what I preach: I let go of what I thought I “should” do and I took care of myself. I napped, I ate healthy, filling foods, I swam in the ocean, and I relaxed. 

Messages from Lizards and Giraffes

Messages from Lizards and Giraffes

Like many young Americans, I am persistently passionate about a handful vaguely related pursuits. For the last few years, yoga has always been my mainstay; but, I’ve weaved quite a few things in along the way. Up until now, I have not wholeheartedly ran after my destiny. I always keep one-foot in the safe-zone. I have gotten good at warping jobs into kind of looking like I was pursuing my destiny, but in my heart-of-hearts, I knew it was not my dharma; therefore, something I should not pursue. This week is my first week of doing entirely what I want to do (and it’s incredibly gratifying and equally terrifying).  

I Must Let Go To Receive

On Friday, I popped out of bed and went straight to work purging my apartment. I’m not sure what came over me; I neglected my typical morning routine and feverishly began sorting. When I moved from Chicago to San Diego last January, I reduced my belongings by 75%. Initially, it was hard to get rid of all the PDF articles and books I had held on to since academia and those “favorite” clothes I hadn’t worn in a year, but once it was all said and done, I felt liberated and free. 

It took approximately three hours to complete my project on Friday; and again, I felt like I had more with less. I found my favorite earrings I thought were long gone, I discovered $9 dollars, and most importantly, I made space for the things I really cared about and wanted to see. Over my sink, there is now room for the small painting of the township I volunteered in outside of Cape Town, the wooden giraffe I bartered for in Nairobi, the globe I bought at the Louvre, two small mosaic plates from Parc Guell, and the gemstones my cousin Margaux gave to me for my 27th birthday. All of those trinkets are more than memories; they are source of inspiration for future travel and global thinking. 

As always, at first, it was challenging to let go, but now that the clothes are on their way to charity and I can easily find the things I need, I feel so much more at home and at peace. 

That night, I went to Cafe Gratitude with friends. After dinner, we walked Christina to her car and in the trunk there so happened to be the exact size side table I wanted for my apartment and she gifted it to me! It was such a powerful manifestation of the practice of aparigraha. As I release the things that no longer serve me, I make space for new things that I need; I must let go to receive. 


Modern Mindfulness

Stick With It

Stick With It

Last December, my sister Madeleine and I traveled to Costa Rica. On the night of the 25th, I was inspired to write my goals for the 2015 year. It’s impossible not to be inspired in Costa Rica. Everyone is happy, everywhere is beautiful, and the land is vibrant and free. Tired from our adventurous day at Manuel Antonio, Madeleine went to bed early and I ventured down to the community patio at our resort. With sounds of jungle creatures and celebratory groups as my soundtrack, the words flowed. I did not have to think about it, it just came to me. 

The Allegory of the Kindle Charging Cord

The Allegory of the Kindle Charging Cord

Gradually, the lesson I learned in that moment really took hold. I had had what I needed all along. It seems so simple but it hit me so hard… The solution was there, I had the “power”. I had simply not consider it as an option because it was not obvious.

365 Days in Southern Cali

 365 Days in Southern Cali

To summarize, the last 365 of my life were similar to a modern painting. It was confusing and messy and unconventional, but super beautiful and inspiring. It lit my soul on fire and I now have more strength and determination to live my mantra and fulfill my destiny! I am eager to share the experiences that emerge in the next 365 days and the wonderful things that come from my grit and tenacity.