Julia is one of the most thoughtful, kind people I know. She is always cheerleading the people on in her life, and shows up 100% to support. Julia and I met from managing CorePower Yoga studios together a couple years ago and quickly became dear friends. I loved working with her because she's fun, funny, very responsive, on top of things, and a team player. Recently, I hired Julia as an Editor for my writing when one day she randomly read one of my articles and sent back some of the most thought-out feedback I'd ever received. Anyone who has the chance to work with this treasure of a person, Julia, is blessed to have crossed paths with her.

-- Kim Bauman, Founder, The One Love Movement

Julia is a fantastic instructor. My boyfriend and I decided to take private yoga lessons together a year and a half ago and were incredibly self-conscious at the outset. Julia was patient and helpful, and made herself available via email between our scheduled sessions in case we had any questions about specific postures. Each week she set a new intention to guide our sessions and, week-by-week, Julia began integrating new, more challenging elements to our existing routine in order to support growth in our respective practices. I cannot recommend her highly enough. 

-- Amanda M., Private Client, San Diego, CA


Julia Sparkman has a zest for life that is highly contagious. In a world of millions of yoga instructors, Julia stands out with her warm, vulnerable, insightful, and meaningful nature. She gives purpose to each of her classes with personal stories, and she tells her own journey with such humility that it inspires the same in others. I wholeheartedly trust Julia. I trust her with my body, I trust her with my stories, and I have trusted her as an employee with my students and studio. She has helped me conquer fears and she has asked me hard questions and guided me to my truest answers. Julia is a visionary that has touched my business, my yoga practice and my life and I am so grateful!

-- Jennie Groom, Owner, Studio Flo Pilates

I started TT in order to get back to what I enjoyed the most - yoga asana and the philosophy of yoga. Julia taught the Philosophy of yoga portion of TT and there was something about how emphatic she was about not just the physical asanas of yoga, but the history and mental practices of yoga - it truly resonated with me. It also resonated with the members of our small TT group - after that class we always opted to Ohm either to start or close our sessions. Close to the end of TT, work for me was more stressful than ever and I had reached my breaking point. The one person I could think of to talk to outside of my fellow TT students was Julia. After TT, I got to know Julia on a more personal level and I can't even begin to express how much knowing her and reading her blog and being around her has greatly increased my awareness of people and living as well as how I personally see and evaluate new life situations. Julia is such a realistic and honest person - which is what I found the most refreshing about her.

-- Fortuna, Student, San Diego, CA