The Allegory of the Kindle Charging Cord

Modern Mindfullness

I misplaced my Kindle charging cord sometime during September of 2014. Kindle batteries may be the longest lasting of any electronic I’ve ever owned, so it was not uncommon for me to misplace. In September of 2014 I was still using an iPhone 4 (not 4s, just a 4) and my battery lasted all of 5 minutes, if I was lucky. During a trip to Chicago, my friend Chelsea was kind enough to not only give me her spare iPhone 4 battery pack she also ordered the charging cord she misplaced for it on eBay and shipped it to my house in Encinitas.

I upgraded to the iPhone 6 in January and since then the battery pack charging cord has been sitting idly. About a week ago, for no good reason, I plugged the battery pack charging cord into my Kindle and the USB drive of my computer simultaneously. My Kindle began charging and illuminated!

Gradually, the lesson I learned in that moment really took hold. I had had what I needed all along. It seems so simple but it hit me so hard… The solution was there, I had the “power”. I had simply not consider it as an option because it was not obvious.

How many other solutions were already present within my realm? What was I not seeing? How many other possibilities and opportunities were out there?

As I began to reflect on those questions, I was brought to a decision I made in January. After creating 10, 5, and 1 year goals in December, I made the decision to step a way from job managing a yoga studio to manifest my destiny.

Ultimately, my goal is to be of service, teach yoga, write, create a corporate wellness program, and teach an adjunct college course. So, of course, I went and got a job at an office.

Why did I do that?

I did that because, I told myself I could pursue my aforementioned dream life once I was “secure” and I would be “secure” once I professionally developed, networked, and was financially stable.

I thought working at an office would create my pillars of security. Instead, it took me further away from my goals; inevitably, it was not a good fit. In spite of the poor match, I did learn a lot of tangible skills. And most importantly, I learned it is critical my future roles to align with my personal integrity and desire to inspire and be of service.

This past week was my last at my full-time job. I am seeking out the other “charging cords”  that can generate professional development, an active network, and financial stability that I am not yet aware of. I am not exactly sure how my new life will unfold; but, I am confident if I am open to solutions, I will find them.

As I embark on my dream life NOW, I am reminded of a Tony Robbins’ quote:

“The quality of your life is directly proportional to the amount of uncertainty that you can comfortably deal with.”

Here is to living comfortably uncomfortable and discovering that you already have everything you need even if you do not realize it!