Reflections from the Spring Equinox: Questions vs Answers

natural cycles

It’s almost been two years since I stopped taking birth control.

For years, I consumed the pill daily to protect myself from an unwanted pregnancy and to keep my cycle 'regular'. Yet, I started to realize that my body is not designed to be controlled. As a woman, I am designed to naturally cycle.

Molecularly, my body is comprised of the same elements found in Space and on Earth. The same elements that cause the Earth to tilt on its axis every Spring and Fall.

I innately began to crave my own rhythm.

For the last few months, I have delved deep into exploring my womanhood - a lot of my free time is spent researching the best practices for supporting my cycle. With each new finding and discovery, I have become increasingly passionate about women’s health, as it relates to hormones and menstruation.

I’m not quite ready to share about that topic, though... I have only scratched the surface and I still have a lot to learn. Nevertheless, I guarantee you’ll hear more from me about those subjects in the very near future.

With that being said, learning more about myself and my biology has made one thing incredibly clear: the questions I ask are more important than the answers. My body, my mind, my spirit, and my life - all of those things - are going to constantly evolve and change. It’s very probable the ‘right’ answer for today will not be the ‘right’ answer for my future-self.

Therefore, I am getting comfortable with asking the questions, instead of knowing the answers. For most of my 20s, I felt as if I couldn’t be comfortable until I had everything figured out. As a 30 year-old-woman, I am getting comfortable with the idea that the answers are going to change so I need to get better at asking the right questions.

So, here are my questions for you today: Where are you at on your path? And, how do you meet yourself where you’re at in this very moment?