I Am Fearless

In The Alchemist, Santiago says, “it’s true; life is really generous to those who pursue their destiny.” 

Those words always hit home for me, hard. After working in an office for three months earlier this year, I decided the pain of the uncertainty that coincides with taking chances and following my dreams was far less than the pain I experienced doing something unauthentically.

Don’t get me wrong, pursuing my real destiny, my true dreams, can be excruciatingly painful at times.  There are so many twisted fears and risks inherent to the whispers of my heart and the things I love out loud.  But, there is nothing that makes me feel alive like living in the flow and manifesting my dharma.

The euphoric moments of presence and purpose are becoming more frequent, as of late. The impossible has become possible and everything has come together for me. Yet, sometimes I listen to my fears and disaster strikes. I experience pain because I walk away from dharma, my destiny. 

The previous paragraph summarizes the hardest, yet simplest lessons I’ve learned thus far:

When I listen to my heart and boldly follow my destiny, things happen for me. When I shrink in fear and avoid my truth, things don’t. 

I am not saying that everything is turning out perfectly as I am attempting to follow my destiny, I do make mistakes. But, from Santiago, I have learned, there is “a force that appears to be negative, [that is] actually [showing me] how to realize [my] destiny” and not let setbacks discourage me. It may not happen overnight, but I truly believe as long as I fearlessly follow my heart, life will be generous to me. 

Modern Mindfulness