26 Things I am Grateful For in 2015

  1. My meditation practice — 15 minutes every morning. 

  2. Beacon’s Beach — An oasis and beautiful manifestation of infinity. 

  3. Iced Americanos — Especially from Cafe Gelato VeroCaffe Calabria, and Copa Vida.

  4. My Home Yoga Practice — Self discovery through organic movement. 

  5. Christina Lynch, Dani Anderson, Jenna Huffine, Jennie Groom, Leeann Hepler, Libby Goral, and Maxine Chapman — Women that get after it and inspire me to do the same!  

  6. Go Light Our World and Kayla Nielsen — A nonprofit and its’ founder and their mission to bring light to the World transparently and authentically. Fall 2016!!! 

  7. The quote: "You accept the love you think you deserve."- Perks of Being a Wallflower

  8. My Yoga Students — For they teach me far more than I could ever teach them. 

  9. Baked Bear — M&M and Funfetti Cookie with Cookies & Cream Ice Cream. 

  10. My Mentors (Past & Present) —  Sue McShane, Professor Dave Ross, Dr. Barb Willard, Dr. Michela Winchatz, Dr. Suchitra Shenoy Packer, Dr. Alexa Murphy, Elizabeth Hinker, Jordan Newmark, Samantha Galvin, Diane Miller, Kaivan Dave,  Melissa Hernandez, Kat Sand, Sheri Colismo… to name a few. 

  11. The Feral Cats in My Neighborhood — A playful reminder to stay curious and ready to pounce. 

  12. The Autobiography of a Yogi — A transformative book that redirected me spiritually. 

  13. Boundaries — Understanding who I am and what my limits are… 

  14. Punjabi Tandoor — The most delicious Indian restaurant in San Diego. 

  15. Tuesday 6AM C2 @ North Park CorePower Yoga — Committed students with wonderful energy and passion. 

  16. Bean and Cheese Burritos from Bahia Don Bravo — Must pour green salsa into wrap before every bite!

  17. The San Diego Yoga Community  — Especially CorePowerBird RockThe House of Yogi East Village, and The Little Yoga Studio. 

  18. The Tim Ferris Show Podcast — A productive, self-building gem in every show. 

  19. Yoga Playlists — Matching my sequences to the musical flow. 

  20. The Anza Borrego Desert — Sunrise meditations and Palm Oasis hikes. 

  21. Gerolsteiner Mineral Sparkling Water — The little things that make the biggest differences. 

  22. The Julia Sparkman Agency — Believing in myself and riding the waves. 

  23. San Diego Weather — The ability to walk barefoot outdoors and feel sunshine on my skin everyday. 

  24. Nighttime Runs through Balboa Park — The European vibe and romantic lighting. 

  25. JuliaSparkman.com — For giving me a space to reflect and share. 

  26. My Family — For shaping me into who I am today.