Hi, I am Julia Sparkman — an animal-loving, cayenne pepper aficionado obsessed with being outdoors. I am a yoga teacher, facilitator, writer, and volunteer located in idyllic Cardiff by the Sea, California. As an avid traveler, always hungry to learn, I seek out a daily adventure — to grow and stay inspired. 

I am the Creator of Full Circle and #The365PassionProject. Full Circle — a space for truth, connection, and evolution — is a workshop for women centered on yoga, meditation, reflective journaling, and sharing. The 365 Passion Project is my quest to devote 365 continuous days to doing at least ONE thing everyday for pure passion (something free of ulterior motives, even altruistic ones).

To understand the woman I am today, it’s imperative you know a bit about my past —  where I’ve been largely impacts where I am… Interested in learning more? Click here to read my story. 

Public Classes + Events

Join me for a public class and/or teacher training in Southern California OR a yoga retreat around the World. 

My Stories: Find Your Spark


A collection of my personal narratives and memoirs of my favorite people, places, and things. 

Book Me: Workshops + Writing

Workshops, speaking, writing... that's MY spark. How can we collaborate? How can I help you Find Your Spark?

Julia Sparkman has a zest for life that is highly contagious. In a world of millions of yoga instructors, Julia stands out with her warm, vulnerable, insightful, and meaningful nature...

-Jennie Groom, Owner, Studio Flo Pilates